Fundraising and how we can help

Fashion Event

Ever thought about having a fashion show? 

We could arrange a date and time to bring our collections to your venue where we could  put on a fashion show for your guests to see what we have to offer. At the end of the show your guests would then have the opportunity to purchase the clothing from us on the night.


How does this make you money?


By advertising the event and charging a ticket/entry fee price, you will raise money for your school. You could offer a drink or nibbles with the ticket price and do a raffle on the night as well. You will keep all money taken from ticket sales and raffle tickets and we will keep any money from the sale of our stock. We will not charge you for coming to the venue. 

If needed, then we can help with making up a leaflet/ poster for you to then print and distribute. 

Get in touch to discuss your event today by emailing

This could be a great social event as well as a way to raise vital funds for you school.